Sportsmatch Rings | 30mm Med 11mm DS 2PC Dovetail

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SKU: 100263
Sportsmatch rifle scope rings are designed to withstand a kick as well as almost anything else you can throw at them. Made specifically to hold your scope in the exact position desired.
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Sportsmatch Rings | 30mm Med 11mm DS 2PC Dovetail

When it comes to products that are made for high-quality items, Sportsmatch is renowned for its precision and quality. Ideal for center fires and can fit on your air rifle. They were built to withstand abuse and to last. No matter what rifle you own, these scope mount rings are reliable and simple to set up.

Tube size: 30mm Tube

Height: Medium

Adjustable: No

Made to fit: Dovetail

Sportsmatch was established in 1972 by John Ford. John was a keen shooter and was not satisfied with the Japanese air rifle scope mount rings on the market.  As with the low-cost Chinese mounts available today they 'crept' (slid rearwards on the dovetail/grooves) after several shots which change the point of impact. The alternative German scope mounts were very expensive and difficult to obtain so John set about solving this problem by developing his own. Sportsmatch rifle scope rings were born.

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