Patriot | Javelin Slugs 40 grain (.218) 5.5mm

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Patriot | Javelin Slugs 40 grain (.218) 5.5mm
SKU: 100232
Patriot | Javelin Slugs 40 grain (.218) 5.5mm
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40 GR 218 

Javelin Slug 40gr .218
CALIBER: .218”
WEIGHT: 40gr
COUNT: 200pcs
RA4 BC: 0.118
Average BC calculated at 950fps (20°C / 68°F at sea level)

Product Description
Our Javelin slugs are designed to travel long distances with minimal influence from external factors. To do this, we’ve incorporated a tangent ogive and smooth shank which reduce drag through the air. We’ve also ensured that the weight distribution and balance provides stable flight, even in turbulent conditions. This ensures an optimum BC across a broad range of barrel designs, twist rates and velocities.

Plan on hunting? We bet you won’t find a more devastating hunting slug! The combination of soft lead, a deep hollow point and a large meplat mean that explosive expansion takes place on impact, dumping most of its energy within the first few inches – Exactly what’s required for small game hunting.

Ballistics information
We’ve published Ballistic Coefficient data for all our slugs to help you predict the trajectory & retained energy at any distance. We’ve also published this information on the Strelok Pro app, which turns your smartphone into a ballistics solver. However, our data was calculated under specific atmospheric conditions with specific barrels, and results may vary as these conditions change. We suggest using the “trajectory Calibration” feature on your ballistic solver to true your BC and validate your trajectory.

If you're looking to shoot The 40gr (.217) and (.218) Javelin Slugs, you'll need a 3D printed magazine cover - which you can purchase on our online shop (product code: 100912 Part Magazine Cover 40gr Slugs). 

These magazine covers are designed specifically for the FX Impact airgun. Heavier slugs like the 40gr Javelin Slugs may not perform as well in another airgun which does not have the same power as the FX Impact.

You can also manually feed the slugs into the gun. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our office at 021 001 8301 or

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