Hawke 1/2x2.5" Picatinny Riser

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SKU: 100417
Hawke 1/2x2.5" Picatinny Riser
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Hawke 1/2x2.5 Picatinny Riser

The Hawke Sport Optics Picatinny to Picatinny 1/2inch Riser is the perfect way to ensure that you have a stable platform to mount your favorite optics or firearm accessory.

It was build specifically to provide you with a  good tactical base to help you keep your optics secure and prepared for action.

Using only the best resources you are sure to receive longevity and a product that you can trust.

Having a good reputation to maintain, you can be assured that Hawke Sport Optics will provide you with durable goods perfect for your requirements.

To ensure that you are mounting your optics with some of the greatest tactical rails on the market choose the Hawke Sport Optics Picatinny to Picatinny 1/2inch Riser, available at Patriot.

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