FX Dreamline GRS Green Mountain Camo

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FX Dreamline GRS Green Mountain Camo
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FX Dreamline GRS Green Mountain Camo
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FX Dreamline GRS Green Mountain Camo

The GRS stock range is very popular among huntsmen and professional marksmen in South Africa. You are almost certain to spot a GRS stock on a branded dealer’s shelf.

Because it is so popular and loved by shooters, the team from Patriot decided to implement it in their own airgun range from FX Airguns. The idea was handed over to the innovative team from FX Airguns, and a legend was born.

FX Airguns teamed up with the famed Norwegian rifle-stock maker GRS to provide a stock for its airguns. GRS is famous for building highly adjustable laminate stocks and is recognized globally as an innovative premium brand.

GRS has believed that the phrase “one size fits all” does not apply to rifle stocks. If your stock does not fit you, you will not shoot accurately, period!

The GRS stock used for the Dreamline base is the all-famous “GRS Sporter.” This version is the grandfather of all the stocks in the GRS lineup. The GRS Sporter stock has a wide range of features to accommodate a wide range of shooting styles.

The Butt-stock shape is ideal for using a rear bag, excelling at prone shooting. The lowered forearm makes a steady platform for whenever you’re shooting while standing. Tool-less adjustments for length of pull and cheek height, via the Speedlock adjustment system, make a proper fit precise and straightforward. A broader forend makes it better for use with bipods.

GRS Dreamline stocks are famed for their GRS ergonomic grip. The GRS grip, offset and angled, provides unsurpassed shooting comfort. It features tool-less push-button adjustments for both the cheek piece and the length of pull. Everything is tailored to your shooting experience.

The GRS stock is perfect for hunters and competitors in the NRL and PRS styles of shooting. It is also a perfect training rifle for outdoor shooting.

This edition includes the revolutionary, world-class FX Smooth Twist X (STX) barrel system. The new Dreamline range is now fitted with the all-new Superior liners as the standard and is perfect for pellets and lightweight slug shooting. This is the same barrel housing and liner system found in other elite rifles such as the FX Impact, FX Crown, and FX Wildcat.

The STX barrel gives the Dreamline the unique ability to change both the caliber of the gun and the inner liner of the barrel to allow for different twist rates and bore specifications. This provides a tailored barrel to suit the vast array of projectiles available today.

The all-new GRS stock and the versatile, high-quality action of the Dreamline classic make this rifle setup the ultimate in the Dreamline range.
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