FX Panthera Airgun | (.22) 700mm Tube Black

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Experience unrivaled precision and performance with the FX Panthera airgun, now available from Patriot in South Africa.
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FX Panthera Airgun | (.22) 700mm Tube Black

The FX Panthera is a cutting-edge airgun purpose-built for accuracy shooting to compete in PRS/NRL disciplines and designed for accuracy shooting and long range.

The Panthera, made by FX Airguns, is a specialized slug rifle that highlights cutting-edge technology and elevates the company's reputation for airgun performance. Innovative elements like the new Dynamic Block and Dynamic Plenum design helps with the rifle's remarkable accuracy. The FX Superior STX barrel produces consistent 10-shot strings with little standard deviations and wide spreads when combined with careful airflow control.

The competition-ready stock features a 14.75” Arca rail, an adjustable buttstock, and a cheekpiece for ambidextrous use. A rear-located Foster quick connection is used to fill the 300cc carbon fiber bottle, and the Dynamic Block supports projectiles up to 13mm in length. The Panthera is simple to operate and customize due to the Quick Tune System, 20MOA Picatinny scope rail, zero-angle AR grip, and ambidextrous side lever cocking handle. The dual-angled manometers display the bottle and regulated plenum pressure.

While the Panthera 500 comes with the regular FX Superior STX liner, ideal for shooting both pellets and light slugs, the Panthera 600 & 700 come with FX Superior Heavy STX barrel liners. The rifle can be further customized with additional add-ons, including a bag rider, barrel weights, Mini-Mag, Picatinny accessory sections, and a tungsten hammer.

Patriot sells the FX Panthera in South Africa, and thanks to its performance, the world of precision rifles will undoubtedly alter.


The air rifle's cocking system is a right-handed side lever with an ambidextrous mount, allowing left-handed shooters to reposition it on their left side.


The Magazine Type is an 18-shot magazine for .22 caliber.


The Stock is ambidextrous and has a rear recoil pad that can be adjusted for height, angle, and length of pull in addition to a height-adjustable cheekpiece. Additionally, it has a zero-angle grip and a mount for a bag rider. The stock has an Arca-Swiss rail with a 14.75-inch length and AR15 mount requirements. All M-Lok systems are on the left and right sides, the bottom side of the stock, and a top accessory attachment with five distinct configurations for installing a Picatinny rail. Additionally, it has barricade stops for a secure grip when shooting from awkward positions.


The Barrel is 700mm long and is made of a Superior Heavy STX barrel liner and a carbon fiber liner sleeve.


The Optics feature a Picatinny rail with a built-in 6 MIL/20 MOA angle and markings on the right side for easy repositioning.


The trigger blade, which is an adjustable match trigger, can be rotated for angle and modified for reach and height.


The Panthera also has Dual Angled Gauges for air tube pressure (WIKA) and regulator pressure (WIKA).


The Air Capacity is a 300 cc air cylinder with an optional plenum volume.


A Rear Foster Quick Disconnect with a dust cap is used for charging.


Additional features include an AMP MkII Regulator, which is externally adjustable and has a Quick Tune System with micro and macro adjustment of hammer spring tension.

Purchase your FX Panthera Airgun | (.22) 700mm Tube Black from Patriot today.

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