FX Maverick Sniper (.22) 700mm

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FX Maverick Sniper (.22) 700mm
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FX Maverick Sniper (.22) 700mm
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FX Maverick Sniper (.22) 700mm

A rifle purpose built from the ground up with heavier pellet and slug shooting in mind. The Maverick features a 89cc Power Plenum. Dual AMP Regulators can be adjusted externally and allows for superior shot strings. The Dual Regulators work in tandem with the large plenum, paired proportionately with the correct porting and valving, allows for a more consistent working pressure to be delivered. The Maverick utilizes the same rear power adjuster that was first introduced with the FX Wildcat MKIII. This breakthrough hammer adjuster allows for both micro and macro adjustments using the same dial which allows the Maverick to be fully adjusted in harmony All FX Mavericks ship with Superior STX Standard liners perfect for shooting pellets, hybrid slugs and lighter weight slugs.

Caliber: 4,5 (.177) / 5,5 (.22) / 6,35 (.25) / 7,62 (.30)

*Scope, Silencer, and Aftermarket Accessories are not included in the price

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