FX Dreamline Classic (.22) | Walnut

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FX Dreamline Classic (.22) | Walnut
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FX Dreamline Classic (.22) | Walnut
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FX Dreamline Classic (.22) | Walnut

The FX Dreamline range is the first fully modular airgun system in the world. This allows the rifle to change to any of the Dreamline configurations. The STX barrel allows the Dreamline the unique ability of changing both the caliber of the gun as well as the inner liner of the barrel to allow for different twist rates and other bore specifications. Also includes the new Adjustable Match Precision Regulator and large capacity rotary magazine. A standard 220 cc cylinder filled up to 230 BAR.

Stock, Walnut – Ambidextrous.
Caliber 5.5 (.22)

*Scope, Silencer, and Aftermarket Accessories are not included in the price