FX Airguns


FXAirguns - Made in Sweden

FX Airguns are lovingly handcrafted by a team of over 50 Swedish craftsmen and engineers that have honed their skills to perfection; and airgun lovers worldwide have rightfully come to expect much from them. An FX Airgun won’t leave the factory until it has been thoroughly tested in all aspects of its masterfully engineered capacities. FX Airguns provide superior accuracy, dependable consistency, as well as being remarkably quiet, efficient and extremely powerful. Inevitably, FX Airguns are known for outperforming their competition with ease.

R 680,00
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On Promotion ~FX 300cc Carbon Fiber Bottle
Was R 5 400,00
Save R 2 300,00
R 3 100,00
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~FX Crown MKII (.22) | Walnut
R 38 900,00
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~FX Dreamline Power Kit
R 365,00
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On Promotion ~FX Maverick Sniper (.22) 700mm
Was R 38 600,00
Save R 2 100,00
R 36 500,00
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On Promotion ~FX Wildcat MKIII | (.22) 500mm Barrel Compact
Was R 31 000,00
Save R 6 001,00
R 24 999,00
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On Promotion ~FX Wildcat MKIII | (.22) 700mm Barrel Sniper
Was R 32 000,00
Save R 5 501,00
R 26 499,00
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R 348,00
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Ergo Tactical Delux Grip
Out Of Stock
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On Promotion FX Carbon Fiber Bottle 480cc
Was R 6 900,00
Save R 900,00
R 6 000,00
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FX Chronograph Mount
R 600,00
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